Tiny Toolkit Manifesto

Why do we love these tiny tools so much ?

It's an excellent question. And I'm not sure the answer is simple, but here are some parts of it:

Is this the same as EDC ?

Because there are a lot of EDC videos out there, and there's obviously some kind of overlap.

But there are some differences, too. These are not tools to take with you everywhere you go, these are kits for specific purposes. They have history, with years of opinionated adding and removing of tools.

That means there are a lot more relevant tools. Plus it doesn't all have to fit in your trouser pockets. Which is good, because it doesn't.

Why did we make a website about them ?

Because we're all interested, especially in the ones which have taken some tiem and trouble to find, and we think other people might be too.

Which is the best one ?

They're all good. Depends what you need to do.