Tiny pens & pencils


Zebra TS3 mechanical pencil

A tiny but decent little mechanical pencil. I've taken the clip off this one.

Other tiny pens & pencils that are worth a look:

Zebra SL-F1 Mini Ballpoint Pen

It's a telescoping ballpoint pen. What more could you want? Retracted it's 84mm, expanded 108mm. This lets it rest naturally in your hand when writing - it feels like a normal pen.

It has a really neat mechanism that covers the nib and retracts up into the body when extended. It's very fun to play with.


What it fits in

Notably, a business card box!

Where to buy

Upsettingly it looks like this specific version of the pen is out of stock almost everywhere - you can readily get a slightly bigger variant (just "SL-F1" or "Expandz" rather than "SL-F1 mini") though. This is a tad larger at 105mm retracted and 134mm expanded.

You might still be able to find this one on eBay, though.

Uni-ball Style Fit Multifunction Pen

It's a multicolour pen/pencil - you buy the refills separately, from a very wide range of colours and widths, including mechanical pencils.

I like it for diagrams, which I often sketch in pencil then overwrite in colour.

Where to buy

Cult Pens has quite a range, including 3 and 5 colour versions.

The black one in the image is a Style Fit Meister, and is harder to find. It has an eraser, albeit a tiny one under an easily-lost cap. I got mine from Plaza Japan

Pentel PH158 Multi-pencil

Mostly used for colour-coding and shading diagrams - 8 decent coloured pencils in one go. Also comes in some variants with magical process-safe colours for various print processes.

Pentel ZE31 eraser

I like this because it will erase a thin line.

Cre8 6mm gaffer tape

This is a nice peelable cotton gaffer tape which comes in great colours and various widths, including 6mm. I've printed a tiny spool so I can carry a few meters of it around.

Staedtler Lumocolor Duo marker

Permanent marker, bullet tip and one end, fine at the other.

Staedtler Triplus Micro pencil

Sturdy 0.5mm mechanical pencil which retracts when not in use, large eraser

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