Tiny knives


Folding titanium scalpel

Despite its size, actually very usable for fine work.

Easily found on AliExpress in ever-changing designs from ever-changing vendors. Often made of titanium, as is this one.

Has a #11 blade, which is a good pointy one for paper and card.

Swann-Morton Retractaway scalpel

Scalpels and blades sell all sorts of scalpel blades and other small knives, as well as all the Swann-Morton handles.

Solid, metal body and bayonet, very nice to use. This one has a 10A blade in, good for heavier-duty work than the #11

Stanley 9mm Interlock snap-blade knife

Part number 0-10-095

Snap-blade knives mean you can always get a new point when you need one. They can give you a very long blade, too, for things like foam.

This knife clamps the blade sideways when you do up the yellow knob at the back, so it's more rigid than the usual clicky-ratchet kind of mechanism that a lot of snap-blade knives have.

Olfa make a variety of spare blades for these

I like the Excel Black ones, because who doesn't want sharper blades ?

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