Jigsaw Handle


I wanted a tiny saw. I already had jigsaw blades to cut many things, and they are pleasingly small, so I really just needed a tiny handle. I thought I'd be able to buy one but apparently nobody makes such a thing.

But, in my search I came across this idea from a Reddit user, using a spare part from a Bosch jigsaw and a long bolt.

I bought the part (1619P12765) online, and covered it in glue-lined heatshrink for a better grip.

Any 100mm M6 bolt will do, I used a 100mm titanum caphead bolt from AliExpress (about 7 quid) for extra lightness and fanciness. Plus it actually has a nice knurl.

The back of the blade is intended to locate in a divot in the end of the bolt, and fortunately these bolts have a bit of a divot from the thread-rolling process. It works OK, but if I was energetic I'd cut the right shape into the end of the bolt on the lathe.

The container I used is a hard plastic tube that a fancy vanilla pod came in.