Atuman R1 Ratchet Wrench Screwdriver


The Duka Atuman R1 Ratchet Wrench Screwdriver set is compact and with it's aluminium body, it's lightweight too.

It gives a huge amount of functionality in one package, replacing; Ratchet, rcrewdriver, stubby screwdriver and allen keys.

It costs just £12 from Aliexpress. The trade off's I am balancing, it will not be as durable as some more expensive alternatives, or as ergonimic as single use tools. Like every multitool, it does many things, none of them perfectly. This is not one of those tools that will give "that special magic feeling"^tm^ every time you use it.

For a tiny tool kit, I removed the case, and some of the less common bits and designed a 2 row custom 3d printed TPU holder.

Storage pic the driver is the perfect length to fit in the lihit case.

T-Ratchet pic

Ratchet Screwdriver

Screwdriver pic


Mini screwdriver

For a simmilar higher quality functionality see the Facom r180 compact wrench in Jarkman's Tiny Toolkit and some lightweight bike alternatives like the with the 1/4" to 4mm hex adapter in the Mako kit, it also drives all my 4mm bits.
By adding a 1/4" square to hex adapter and a row

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