ANENG A3008 Multimeter


Is it a great tool?

No! It costs just £12 from Aliexpress, it looks like a toy and it feels like a toy.

Is it ultra portable?

Hell Yes! This tiny multimeter is a featherweight 80g.

Is it good enough to earn a place in my tiny toolkit?

Yes. This multimeter is accurate enough and is often enough of a tool to help fix products and debug Arduino projects in the field. The tool at hand is more useful than the tool left at home.

Review 1 and Review 2

Core multimeter functions:

Occasional use modes:

Modes that I will probably never use:


It has no current measurement. I would not use it for high voltage work (I doubt that the protection circuits and internal fuse are robust), But that's OK, other than occasionally checking if a 230V wire is live, I don;' work with high voltage.


For a few dollars more, the ANENG A3009 has all the same functionallity and it speaks! Alternatively the UNI-T 120C has a similar size and weight in a more conventional rectangular format.

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