Jarkman's Zyklop Kit

This started life as a Wera Kraftform Kompakt Zyklop Speed, 26 pieces, 05051045001 but I've added a few bits.

It does the job of a very nice 1/4" square-drive ratchet and a decent screwdriver. I like these 50mm long bits as a compromise between compactness and being able to reach down holes. This is the set I usually grab when going off to do anything with screws & nuts & bolts, because it covers so many bases in one go.

It's also a handy set of bits to take along for use with a drill/driver or impact driver.

I've added a few things - more Allen bits, hex to 1/4" adapters, a DeWalt angled driver (most handy when using a drill/driver in a confined space), and maybe most usefully a Britool D61 1/4" square drive L bar.

I use this all the time, when I need to drive a bolt (usually a Pozi or Allen) and also need to use a socket to hold the nut on the other side. It's also super-handy for nuts in tight spaces, because it doesn't stick out of the back of the socket very far.

You can't get that Britool part any more, and it's hard to even find a name for this tool. Here's an Amazon link for a similar sort of thing.