Tiny Toolkit Manifesto

  1. The tool to hand is more useful than the tool you left at home.
  2. Small is beautiful.
  3. Sometimes a spork is the tool.
  4. Every tool is a hammer.
  5. Choose your compromises with care.
  6. Tiny Tools make better gifts than socks.
  7. A tiny toolkit is never finished.
  8. Make your own tools.
  9. My toolkit is not your toolkit.
  10. Tools are for using.
  11. Tiny Tools kits save the planet.
  12. Tiny tool kits connect people & things.
  13. The best tool is your brain.

Tiny Toolkit Talk at EMF 2024

Drew wrote and presented a talk at Electromagnetic Field 2024 about the joy of tiny tool kits, introducing the Tiny Toolkit Manifesto and this website.

When the video of that talk is live, we will add it here. In the meantime, here is the spreadsheet mentioned in the talk which has a reasonable aproximation of Drew's product engineering and repair kit and of Jarkman's Robot fixing kit.